Role Art Director
Agency: Merkle Digital Experience
Illustration Macy McCllelan

Key Contributions
/ Art Direction
/ UI Design
/  Co-ran multi-day workshop sessions with Leesa 
Experience optimization 
Over a  three day period we workshopped onsite with the Leesa team. We collaborated across departments to define and establish the customer journey, and generating a personal messaging strategy that served as an anchor for the full website experience. Using a test and learn approach, we streamlined the user experience, optimized the shopping cart, and infused the “Makers of Good” brand strategy throughout the site in a more authentic way. Our test and learn methodology focused around gathering qualitative data and consisted of 1:1 interviews with potential customers, usability testing of new designs for critical pages, and iterating on interactions and designs based on user feedback.
Streamlined User Experience
Using the insights from 1:1 interviews, usability testing, and other qualitative data, we focused on making it easy to add any mattress or accessory to the cart throughout the website experience. Then infusing the Leesa value propositions, personality, into the most critically relevant pages. By doing both these things we were able to increase the conversion rate by well over 1.2%.
Brand Messaging & Creative
As Leesa was becoming more and more data driven, the brand voice was getting lost and the narrative was all but gone. We quickly recognized that the visual language and voice of the brand needed to play a huge role in the project strategy. We set out to refresh the brand experience that would capture the qualities of the Leesa story. We unified design elements and re-imagined how to express the current “Makers of Good” messaging. A visual system was created for the web that was true to the Leesa vision and could be implemented across the board.

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