About Me 
I'm currently Creative Director at the design firm Sans Serif. I specialize in strategic branding and creative leadership, devoted to curating outstanding digital experiences that engage audiences through compelling storytelling and thoughtful design. My focus is on assisting clients in advancing their businesses through captivating, emotion-driven work.​​​​​​
As the Creative Director at Sans Serif, I lead a dynamic team driving creative initiatives for a wide array of clients, from mid-size enterprises to Fortune 500 companies. Overseeing this exceptional team of designers, I prioritize their peak performance while strategically shaping our workforce.
A primary focus of mine lies in nurturing a high-performing design team. I firmly believe that fostering a robust team culture is pivotal to delivering outstanding results for our clients. I aim to cultivate an environment characterized by both high challenge and robust support. I advocate for a space where it's safe to take risks and learn from setbacks because growth often arises from adversity. I'm dedicated to fostering a collective spirit among our team—a 'we' mentality prevails.

Instilling this mindset within our team strengthens our culture, resulting in superior outcomes that our clients genuinely appreciate and cherish. This approach not only enhances our professional results but also makes us an enjoyable team to collaborate with. Clients return to us because we prioritize mutual respect and care, fostering an environment where everyone feels valued and supported.
With years of expertise, I've effectively managed multi-tiered client relationships and directed the entire process of executing expansive website transformations, from conceptualization to realization. My background also encompasses proficiency in branding, product marketing, event marketing, and crafting impactful workforce communications.
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