Role Associate Creative Director / Co Designer
Agency: Merkle Digital Experience

Product  & Lifestyle Photography Jesse Coss
Location Salt Lake City, Utah |  River Falls, WI

Video Production MysteryBox
Key Contributions
/Creative Direction
/Brand Audit & Competitive Audit
/UI Design system & Management

/Photo & Video Creative Direction
To understand Infinite Material Solutions ideal customer and competitors, we invested into research and analysis up front. By implementing an internal and competitive brand audit, we uncovered opportunities that promised big returns. We needed to create a unified brand with a strong voice and a cohesive message. Then we  paired that with a digital experience where Infinite Materials Solutions game changing technologies could shine.
We launched a new website built on Adobe’s AEM and Magento platforms, specifically dedicated  to share the impressive portfolio of Infinite products. Using visual design, we segmented and structured the information Infinite needs to share in a way that is easy for viewers to navigate, and digest. 
 Photography /Video
In order to encourage prospects to dream big and understand the product's full potential we shot all new custom photography and three videos. Visually communicating the  precision, complex geometries, and solubility of Infinite's products was a crucial aspect of the brand strategy

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